All Ceramic Crowns and Bridges (Metal Free ceramic crowns)

These are the best looking crowns, and probably the best value for your money as far as esthetics is concerned. Contrary to what might appear, these materials are extremely strong and fracture tough. The material can well sustain the masticatory forces, providing durable crowns and bridges with beautiful esthetic results. They can be conveniently and reliably used in any part of the mouth. These are also the preferred material of choice in patients with metal allergies. Metal free restorations are produced with the latest CAD/CAM technology ensuring precision of fit. Some well known Metal free systems used are


Procera® is a unique system from Nobel Biocare for the fabrication of esthetic and functional dental restorations.

Procera® offers you the optimal restorative system, including crowns, laminates, and bridges, for all indications and anywhere in the mouth. The combination of beauty and strength gives you a simple and predictable clinical procedure, excellent esthetic results and improved long-term performance.

No PFM ‘gray lines’ ever

With metal ceramic, soft tissue around the tooth can recede, over time, revealing the metal underneath as ugly gray lines. This simply can’t happen with Procera® because they are metal-free.


Procera® all-ceramic solutions are completely tissue-friendly. Your crown, bridge or veneer (laminate) integrates beautifully with its surroundings, encouraging gum to grow back up to the tooth, as it would naturally. And because they are bio-compatible, there are no allergic reactions, no sensitivity to temperature and no impact on taste.

Perfect fit

Procera® solutions are precision-engineered in state of the art production facilities. And they fit so well you will forget they are there.

Perfect match

Procera® uses a unique system to subtly match your real tooth’s color and translucency so they’re almost impossible to tell apart from real teeth.


Cercon is a high-tech ceramic, Zirconium Oxide, which has already been proven in many extreme situations such as heat shields in the Space Shuttle, brake disks for sports cars and the spherical heads of artificial hip joints. Using cercon has many advantages.

Improved Aesthetics

  • Due to the white zirconium oxide milled substructure
  • Optimal shade match to the existing natural teeth


1) Verified by the medical application of zirconium oxide for about 20 years
2) No allergic reactions reported in the published literature
3) Good insulating behavior of the ceramic against cold/warm influences
4) Thanks to a smooth ceramic surface that supports good oral hygiene
5) No interaction with other dental materials


1)Thanks to the exceptional strength of zirconium oxide
2) High stability requiring minimum framework dimensions


delivers the strength you’ve been looking for in an esthetic all-ceramic restoration. The Lava system combines CAD/CAM technology with a translucent zirconium framework that can be custom colored creating a restoration strong enough for long span bridges, with precise fit and esthetics your patients expect.


The new all-ceramic system IPS e.max comprises highly aesthetic and high-strength materials for both the PRESS and the CAD/CAM technology. The system is versatile and economical.

Proven Strength

e.max® ZirCAD is your proven alternative to PFMs. Its high-strength offers long-term reliability for anterior and posterior single unit and multi-unit bridgework.

Empress Beauty

e.max® Ceram is a Nano-Fluor Apatite Glass Ceramic which mimics the optical effects of natural enamel, creating patient-pleasing esthetics.

IN ceram is a material from Vita (Germany). The VITA all-ceramic systems can be used for for crowns, bridges, veneers and implant superstructures. The advantages of the VITA all-ceramic system are:

High biocompatibility

VITA all-ceramic is absolutely biocompatible. Your well-being will not be impaired by allergic or undesirable reactions, such as metal taste.


Color, shape and surface structure of your teeth are unique –
just as you are. By selecting VITA all-ceramic, you will receive a high-quality restoration without any visible difference from the natural tooth structure.

Stability provides reliability

VITA In-Ceram provides reliability since this material has been used worldwide for more than 13 years and has proved its reliability in millions of cases. The long service life of VITA-In-Ceram restorations is mainly based on the high stability of the all-ceramic.