In-House OPG?

An orthopantomogram or an OPG, is a specialised or widescreen view of your lower face. It shows all your upper and lower teeth, as well as your jaws and jaw joints. We may suggest you have an OPG in preparation for orthodontic treatment, to provide a general overview of your teeth and bones, if we need to assess your wisdom teeth and for many other reasons that your dentist will be able to explain.


  • Broad coverage of facial bones and teeth.

  • Convenience of examination for the patient. (Films need not be placed inside the mouth)

  • Ability to be used in patients who cannot open the mouth or in patients whose mouth opening is restricted.

  • Patients ready understandability, making them a useful visual aid in patient education and case presentation.

  • Easy to store compared to the large set of intra oral x-rays which are typically used.