It is extremely important that we are able to provide our patients with the very best technology. All our equipment is meticulously maintained to the very highest levels. Having the latest technology allows us to easily and quickly diagnose any problems, and to plan treatment in the most effective manner possible. Our specialised equipment includes :

  • Intraoral camera
  • Digital x-rays
  • In-house OPG
  • Hard Tissue Laser
  • Soft Tissue Laser
  • Apex Locator & Endomotors
  • Physiodispensers
  • Fibreoptics
  • B Class Autoclave

Why have Digital Dental X-Rays?

Unlike conventional x-rays, digital dental x-rays emit minimal amounts of radiation so they are extremely safe. They are the quickest way of diagnosing infections and tooth decay, as the images can be viewed immediately on the screen in our surgery.

What is an In-House OPG?

An orthopantomogram or an OPG, is a specialised or widescreen view of your lower face. It shows all your upper and lower teeth, as well as your jaws and jaw joints. We may suggest you have an OPG in preparation for orthodontic treatment, to provide a general overview of your teeth and bones, if we need to assess your wisdom teeth and for many other reasons that your dentist will be able to explain.


Broad coverage of facial bones and teeth.
Low patient radiation dose.
Convenience of examination for the patient. (Films need not be placed inside the mouth)
Ability to be used in patients who cannot open the mouth or in patients whose mouth opening is restricted.
Short time required for making the image.
Patienrs ready understandability, making them a useful visual aid in patient education and case presentation.
Easy to store compared to the large set of intra oral x-rays which are typically used.


An intraoral camera is extremely useful, taking high resolution images inside your mouth. These can be displayed on our screen, allowing us to explain any problems and potential treatments much more clearly. We also usually take after treatment pictures so that you can appreciate our effort in improving the health of your teeth.


We use apex locator and do rotary endodontics (root canal treatment) in single visit making the entire treatment painless and time saving.


We are the only Dental Clinic in the tricity to be equipped with both the Hard and Soft tissue Lasers. Our facility makes your treatment virtually painless.


Less overall chair time per procedure
Often no need for anesthetia, so quicker and simpler procedures.
Little or no bleeding, faster recovery, less infection, fewer stitches.
Full range of high-precision soft tissue treatments.
Quieter and less fatigue for dentist and staff and happier patients.

Why drill when we have the LASER ?

Largely painless procedure
No turbine noise
Superior surface for bonding
No need for etching
Ideal for children
Multiple quadrant dentistry
Fewer cracks than the turbine
Sterilization of the operating field
No cross contamination
High patient acceptance


Highly sophisticated implant motors to have a painless experience while getting implants placed.


This provides high quality illumination making the operative field highly visible.


Every instrument is sterilized and autoclaved, meeting the international standards of sterilization, making our clinic comparable to any best international clinic

Children enjoy the most getting the treatment done because of caring and smiling doctors and staff and environment as friendly as it could be. Special attractions and surprises for the kids so that when they leave our clinic they have a positive outlook towards dental health and are never afraid of the dentist thereafter.