RCT’s or At Dr. Dang’s Dental Excellence you can refer it as painless root canal treatment in Chandigarh. It could be multiple or one-sitting treatments depending upon the infection in the tooth. Procedure is performed by expert and experienced dentists called endodontists who are specialist in this field.

With the latest available technologies, anesthetics, antibiotics, and root canal disinfection with lasers, a root canal is as comfortable as getting a filling done in a tooth.
Root canal treatment as the name itself indicates is the treatment of the canals containing the pulp. The living tissue of the tooth is called pulp which is made up of the blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics. When bacterial infiltration reaches this living pulp, pain in the tooth starts. Pulp is now infected, injured and unhealthy. Therefore the patient has to undergo a root canal treatment, this infected pulp tissue is removed from the tooth, root canals are disinfected, cleaned and shaped properly to receive a permanent filling.

A root canal treated tooth becomes brittle because the tooth is now not having any life or moisture; hence it needs to be reinforced with a crown so as to prevent the fracture of the tooth. A root canal treatment is incomplete without a crown over the involved tooth, or else it will break.

At DR DANG’S DENTAL EXCELLENCE we provide you for the first time in tricity, the disinfection of the tooth undergoing root canal therapy with LASERS. Lasers kill the bacteria present in the canals, and also in the undiscovered acessory canals which get missed by routine methods of root canal disinfection. This makes the healing very fast. Laser helps dissolve the pus and reduces the post treatment discomfort of the patient.
Feel the difference and make an appointment today to get the painless root canal treatment in Chandigarh for your tooth as what is natural is natural and must be saved.



  • Sentivity or pain in tooth on having something cold or hot, especially hot.
  • Pain in the tooth which increases when you lie down or is referred to the head or ear.
  • Pain in the tooth while applying pressure to eat/chew something (the patient avoids eating on the side where the infected tooth is).
  • A pimple near the gum of the infected tooth which comes and goes (may or may not have pus); this tooth may or may not have pain.
  • Trauma, such as a chipped or broken tooth, occurs and results in the exposure of the nerve.

Every tooth is precious and with painless root canal treatment in Chandigarh you are adding life to a tooth.