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A child’s smile is one of the life’s best gifts and your child deserves a perfect smile too. Gift your child this perfect smile with the help of our dedicated team of dentists.

Carious, unaesthetic, ugly teeth can have a huge negative impact on a child’s psyche and social well being. Friends making fun at school of your child’s black, ugly teeth can hamper his confidence for the rest of his life. Gift your child the best possible oral health and make him smile ahead of others

Nursing Bottle Caries

  • Nursing bottle caries are tooth decay of the deciduous (“baby”) front teeth caused by parents allowing a toddler to suck on a bottle or sippie cup of milk or juice frequently during the day – the child typically walks around the house with the bottle or sippie cup in her hand. Allowing the child to have the bottle or cup in the bed for naps or nighttime sleep is also very common, with the same disastrous effects on the soft enamel of the first teeth. Nursing caries sometimes is produced in breastfed babies and toddlers who are allowed to nurse very frequently, but this is very unusual in my experience.
  • The decay is caused by erosion of the soft teeth by acid which is produced by mouth bacteria feeding on the constant wash of sugary milk, juice, or soda1. Once the harder outer enamel is breeched, the decay spreads rapidly and the teeth may simply rot off at the gumline.
  • Treatment consist of restoring the decayed teeth with tooth colored filling material, root canals and caps if required, so as to restore the function as well as esthetics of your child’s precious milk teeth. Thus providing a healthy environment for the underlying developing permanent teeth.



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